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VitaChem-My thoughts after 20years using it.

LONG POST about VitaChem and my love for it.

On a serious note this morning lets talk about a product Gerwin recently brought back into the shop. And, MY OPINION on how to use it properly........... VITA-CHEM.

Those that know me or have chatted with me have probably heard me sing the praise of this product. Personally, I've been using it for close to two decades in both freshwater and saltwater and reef tanks. In fact, I've never not got a bottle in the fridge.

Now the first thing I'm going to say is.......DO NOT follow the directions that are on the bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, these are simply my opinion from using the product and feedback ive gotten from literally dozens upon dozens of people that ive talked into using it.

If you have lethargic fish or even corals, or some you think should be a little more brightly colored than they are, or even some that seem a little skinny then this is probably a good product for you to use.

When used correctly, you will see your fish eat with more vigor, have an increase in overall appetite, increase vibrancy of color and be overall more healthy. Especially if you are into the habit of just feeding mysis or brine or just pellets or just flakes. All critters from corals to fish need a variety of food in their diet at all times, not just ever once in a while. But its waaaay expensive nowadays to buy so many prepared foods or cans and jars. So the easiest thing to do is supplement your critter's diets. Just like we as people take vitamins on our own choosing or from a Dr.'s direction, we do it to supplement the vitamins, minerals and other requirements we do not normally get in our daily eating rituals. So its the same with fish and corals.

Exactly what is it then? Well, its a 100% water soluable supplement with vitamins known to be deficient in fish and coral foods and Omega 3's.

Who needs it? Any and all fish you have, but especially helpful for fish that normally have a very specific diet in the wild, like dragonets, tangs, angels, cory cats, shrimp, crabs, snails, pleco's, and almost all soft corals.

How do I use it? Even though the bottle says to broadcast feed this into your system, Im going to say "DO NOT DO THAT". Instead, Once or even twice a week, put your normal food you feed your tank in a litte container (frozen or dried) and add 3-5 drops (yes that's all) directly onto the food. Let it sit for a minimum of 5 minutes, then feed as your normally would. I almost guarantee you that all your fish and even most of your inverts and some corals you will see a drastic difference within just a couple to few weeks.

How do I utilize it for corals? Now for your corals your going to want to spot feed only, NOT BROADCAST. Take your favorite coral food or powder whether it be my choice of ReefRoids and Reef Chili mixture or your own choice. Add it to a small mixing container, now slowly start adding drop by drop VitaChem to the mix, until it is saturated and wet, but not looking like a puddle of liquid in the container. Let that sit for a minimum of 5 minutes. Then add water, and inject it into or close to your intended coral or anemone. The stuff that floats away is as close to broadcast feeding as you need to be.

Unless you have a tank over 300g, I highly suggest you buy the smaller bottles so they don't go bad on you before using them up. And yes, once opened keep it in the fridge. And remember, DONT OVERDO IT! Only a few drops a couple of times a week.

If you havent ever tried it, give it a shot. I bet you never run a tank without it again.

I am not endorsed or sponsored by this company or product in any way. Ive just used it and loved it for a lot of years.

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