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Phosphate Rx Review

Phosphate Rx Review........

This only pertains to the BlueVet brand Phosphate Rx.

Ok, so I have been battling phosphates issues for a couple of months now. I know a majority of it is from excess use of reef roids, and I half way expected it, mainly because I chose to keep several filter-feeding species in my tank this go around.

My nitrates have been stable between 5-10ppm, but my phosphates where averaging .09-1.8 checked on average twice a week. I did the GFO, macro algae is growing like crazy, plenty water changes but just could not get my phosphates down. A few well trusted folks in the industry I know kept telling me to use Phosphate Rx. I'm kinda hard headed and hate using chemicals for things that can normally be dealt with in a more natural way. But this time, I finally gave in and decided I would try it. First off......IT WORKS......just as advertised, just as promised and just as simple and easy as they make it seem.

Now im going to say firstly there are a few precautions. YOU MUST have a good high production, good quality protein skimmer. (no skimmer then dont even think about it) Now, not required but highly highly recommended is to purchase a few 10micron socks. (yes 10, not 100). There going to clog quickly, so get a few to several and have on hand and ready. If you dont use socks, then just some mesh or microfibre equivelant to 10micron. Do you dose just as they recommend on the bottle. Dont deviate from that, its there for a reason. I also recommend to also do this in the evening, or just before bed. It temporarily clouds your water, but clears within few hours to overnight. Nothing to be alarmed by. Next always when possible, add your drops directly into the body of your protein skimmer. Remove the collection cup add the drops. (yes you leave your skimmer running). Install the 10 micron sock, this first one you will probably need to replace within an hour. When you replace that first one, just replace it with your standard sock or pad. The next morning, put in another 10 micron sock, when it clogs replace it. Continue this till the water is clear againl. While running phosphate rx, turn your in tank wavemakers/pumps to highest mode you can. You want all the gunk this creates to stay suspended till it can hit your overflows and be caught by your filters. That solid stuff you see is actually the binded phosphates in your water. Next day, clear water.............test again.........BAM...DONE! Im officially a firm believer in this product now. Nothing had adverse reactions to it, all corals, fish, inverts seem to not even care. Lastly, I still say if you can control you water with watch changes, proper filtration and macro's then use that route first. But feel safe and confident with the occasional use of Blue Vet Phosphate Rx. Two Thumbs Up

Not a sponsored product, I just wrote the review because I bought it, used it, and like it.

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