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Sock plates to add to your existing sump socks.

Originally created espicially for Eshopps sumps but should fit 95% of standard socks. (if unsure contact us with your sock dimensions and we will verify)

These plates sit inside your existing sock. Can use it to trap larger particles, extend the life of your socks between changes or add things like phosphate pads.

Great for adding a fine micron pad for occasional water polishing.

If you happen to get behind and it gets clogged, no worries. The built in overflow will allow the water to continue on to your sock so there is still no worries of it returning  to your tank.

Available in 4" and 7"

And now available for the 6" Rectangular socks.

Price is for one each.

Additional colors available via request. Add's additional day to shipping time.

ws-Sock Plate's-Add Your floss, pad or sponge

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