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With its unique shape, size and snap lock lid the new Bristleworm Trap from TankTools could be just what you need.

Been over run by bristleworms? Now you can easily and safely remove the excess.

We as well as many others know the benefit of bristleworms to eat leftovers and detritus, but at some point you may have too many. Now you can easily and humanely trap and remove your unwated bristleworms.

Just like our original rectangular model, simply insert their favorite food, attached to a rock or add rubble inside to weight it down and let it soak a day or so.

New design has a unique snap lock lid to be secure but also easy to use and last the lifetime of the trap.

Approximately 2.5" across.

Internal Dimensions:

2.1" across x 1.5" tall (without lid)

TankTools Round Bristleworm Trap

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