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Just slip this on the intake side of your MJ1200 pump, connect the outlet to a piece of tubing and put that in your filter sock. Now you can easily scrape, and suck out all that nasty stuff in your sump or tank. Slight angle and designed cutout keep it from getting suctioned to your tank bottom. Internal ribs make it strong enough to even use as a scraper. This profile makes it easier than others to get into tighter area's of sumps. We all know sump space is a premium now a days with so much equipment.

Theres a standard version 


A Rake version for gravel tanks.

Choose version and color in options.

You can also choose to add on a Python Adapter. If you use the python auto water change system this is a barb adapter you can glue into your vacuume and then insert directly into your python tubing.

MJ 1200 Vac

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